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    Workshop Title: Using Realia-based Games for Effective Learning

    Description: Discover the power of gamification in education using realia. Learn how to use games and activities that promote active participation and deeper understanding in the classroom


    Program Director & Lecturer
    Department of Education
    Johor Bahru, Malaysia


    Welcome and Icebreaker Activity

    Overview of the Workshop Objectives

    What Is Realia Games and Its Importance in Education

    Introduction to Gamification in Education

    Examples of Realia-Enhanced Educational Games

    Steps in Designing Realia-Infused Games

    Group Activity: Participants Design a Realia-Based Game

    Sharing and Discussion of Game Ideas

    Exploring Hands-On Activities with Realia

    Demonstration of Realia-Infused Activities

    Participants Try Out Activities in Pairs

    Educational Technology and Digital Learning

    Remote and Online Learning

    Inclusive and Equity-Focused Education

    STEM Education and STEAM Integration

    Social-emotional learning (SEL) and Well-being

    Tips for Integrating Realia into Curriculum

    Overcoming Challenges and Concerns

    Success Stories and Case Studies

    Open Floor for Questions and Sharing Experiences

    Suggestions for Further Resource

    Recap of Key Takeaways

    Closing Remarks and Thank You

    Distribution of Workshop Materials and Resources

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