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  • Dates To Be Remember: Abstract Submission: 20th December 2023 | Full Paper Submission: 22nd December 2023 | Registration Deadline: 23rd December 2023 |

    Abstract Submission Guidelines

    Use word document while submitting the abstract.

    Use 12 point Times New Roman for the main text and smaller fonts may be used for figure captions.

    The width of each line should not exceed 17.5 cm or 7.0 inch.

    Start the first line leaving a space of 2.5 cm or 1.0 inch on the upper side.

    The Title, Author's Names, and Affiliations should all be centered.

    Insert one blank line between the Affiliations and the main text.

    Main text should be fully justified with single spacing.

    Use bold face with bigger fonts for the Title but not for Authors, Affiliations, and the main text.

    Please underline the presenting Author.

    Leave a space of at least 2.5 cm or 1.0 inch on the bottom of the text. Page numbers will be printed there.

    Full Paper Submission Guidelines

    Each Paper has to be broken down into the following three sections when you submit :

    Background, Motivation and Objective

    Statement of Contribution/Methods

    Results, Discussions and Conclusions

    Total number of pages must be 6-8 in double column format

    In addition, the total number of characters excluding spaces, Title, Author Names, and Affiliations .

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